WBS Shipping Updates

As a local LA brand, we love having sunshine year round. However, our cookies not so much...

So due to the unique and perishable nature of our cookies, we are recommending orders that are being shipped outside of LA to be shipped Overnight or Express.

We have changed our shipping packaging to include ice packs and insulation. We are doing all that we can to ensure that the cookies arrive in optimal condition. We want to emphasize the importance of refrigerating your cookies for at least 1 hour upon arrival before enjoying!

For days that are extremely hot (90 degrees and over), we will not be shipping out until the weather is more suitable for our perishable goods. We will communicate this to you if necessary!

Please note our change in policy:

WBS is not responsible for melting.

If you purchase on Friday we will not ship out unless they are for Overnight Saturday delivery. If you order on the weekend, we will not ship out on Saturday or Sunday and will wait until Monday for all shipments.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and help. We just want to make sure that your cookies are in the best condition and that there is...

No BS, Just WBS!